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Your Voices

An interesting experience of the counselee embarking on the journey of the counselor. Am I her dietitian or she my guide, it’s all mixed up at this point. I can say this, as someone who did not use to believe in any of these types of things, I rid myself of one of my most profound woes thanks to Burcu. I trust her personality and identity as much as I trust her energy. I truly recommend her.

Dietitian Gizem ŞEBER

Thank you for coming along at a really difficult time in my life.


I am so happy to have seen, even briefly, how the changes and negative energies in my life turned positive after the sessions we held with you, although this was hard to believe at first.


Thanks to you, I have started to succeed in making myself accept how worthy I am. I am learning to forgive people, to accept them, to say “may God be with you” and get out of difficult situations with less or maybe even no damage, to make the right choices in my life, and most importantly to value myself. I still smile and wonder when I think about the strange energy flows we experienced during the sessions – I don’t think I can describe them. I understand much more today, how I can very clearly see since the day we started working together (through living in the moment and receiving the messages) just how the things in my life that I thought of as negative have been so positive for me. I feel so much better.


My advice for everyone: There may be problems in your life that you cannot manage or tackle on your own. Cease to see this as a weakness and to view these kinds of methods as nonsense. Definitely seek out professional help in this matter like I did. You will see that voices tell you what you need to do in your life. You will feel the messages and the guides, and see what is good and what is bad. Perhaps these seem to you very familiar sentences, but even I understood how much I had actually blinded myself (when I thought I could see the signs in life so clearly!) only after these sessions.


I tried, I lent myself to God and to a guide who showed me the light on His path. Now I am better and happier. I can make my decisions more clearly, say “no”, leave out negative energies, and attract the positive. I feel much healthier. My sources of stress and my aches have dwindled and are gradually disappearing. Things will be much better and we will be able to do much better together. And that is what happened...


May God be with you.



Serpil K.

I have had so many experiences where Burcu has provided the cure that I don’t know where to start. When my knees hurt so much from meniscus that I couldn’t climb up steps, they were healed within an hour and going up and down three floors was no longer an issue. Through the healing she sent from afar, she ensured that my father, who could not sleep for days from his pain, got a good night’s sleep and feel fit to go into his surgery in the morning; and again through healing she helped him stand up after a short while. The healing she sent to me from close by and from afar to prevented the tumor in my neck from hurting me and continues to do so.

Canan Parlak

I knew that the mass I felt while petting my cat Zeytin was cancer even before the vet told me, but I didn’t want to know. But the words that came out of the vet’s mouth grieved me so, with the fear that I would lose my dear Zeytin who had given me only happiness in the past 14 years. When I communicated my worries as to how my little but actually old girl Zeytin would fare in the upcoming surgery and chemotherapy and how I would endure this process to my dear friend Burcu, she said she would be with us, that she would think of us and support us with her energy. She conveyed the energy to resist that I felt as I tried to be more decisive and more resilient amid the uncertainty, and as I fought with all my might for the possible positive outcome, before plunging into grief thinking of the possible negative outcome. I felt that knowing I was on someone’s mind, just like someone holding your hand at a difficult moment, both increased my strength in this struggle, and also contributed to everything turning out well. My beloved Zeytin is quite healthy and I hope I shall be with her and my dear friends for many more years to come.

H. Şeniz Özusta 

The way you greeted me, and your words and actions throughout the entire session were soothing, thank you. I was very moved and touched during the session. I received information during the session that affected me, what I heard was true and I felt the energy. I was doing very well by the end of the session, I was happy, I went around Istanbul that day feeling really relaxed and happy. At the moment I am in a much better place than I was before I came to you, thank you... THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING, BE WELL...

Çiğdem D.